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LivingSocial Home Whitening Kit Redemption

How do I redeem my LivingSocial voucher?

You have a choice of receiving it by mail or by picking it up at our local office. Click on your preferred choice below:

I want it mailed         I want to pick it up

I redeemed my LivingSocial already, but I haven't received my kit.

It takes approximately 7-21 days from the time you redeemed on our website depending on where you are located. We ship from Vancouver, WA via USPS.

I ordered two or more kits, but only received one.

You received a voucher number for each of your purchases from LivingSocial. You must redeem each code separately in order to get your kits. Please visit our redemption page to redeem your other codes.

Do I need to make an appointment or check kit availability before I pick up my whitening kit?

No, you do not need to make an appointment or check availability to pick up your kit. All of our locations have kits in stock.

What Hours is the office open to pick up the kits?

Our locations are open Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Is it possible to cancel my shipment and pick up my kit?

Once you redeem your kit for delivery on our website, we process your order that day, so your package has already shipped. Depending on where you are located, it takes approximately 7-21 days from the time you redeemed on our website to receive your kit.


How do I order a whitening gel refill?

Click here to visit our store. If you have a free gel for life coupon code, you can apply it when you checkout.

I have a coupon code for a free gel refill. How do I use it?

Go to our store page by clicking here. Add the whitening gel refill product to your cart. Go to your shopping cart and select Apply Discount Code. Enter your coupon code and click the Apply Coupon button. The price of the item will be reduced to $0. Only pay for shipping and handling. You can redeem your free gel once a month.

I can't find my Free Gel Coupon code. What can I do?

Please enter the email address you originally used when purchasing your kit here so we can send your code to you:

Other Questions

Does the home whitening kit work on veneers, bonding, etc.?

Teeth whitening will not work on artificial dental work including crowns, veneers or composite fillings. The gel will only whiten natural teeth.

Who should NOT use home whitening kits

Do not use if you: are pregnant/nursing, have poor dental health (decaying teeth, exposed roots, gum disease), wear braces, had recent oral surgery, or are allergic to peroxide. At-home treatments carry minor risks, and you should consult your dentist. Some people will experience reversible minor toth sensitivity or gum irritation. This will disappear: 1) Within a few days after discontinuing use; 2) Decreasing the length of your bleaching sessions; or 3) Increasing the amount of time between bleaching sessions; or 4) Using the remineralizing gel more often.

Discontinue use if you feel a sharp pain in a tooth that lasts more than a few seconds, and consult with your dentist immediately.


You may download instructions from the following link: Home Whitening System