Home Whitening Kit

Premium Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Premium Home Whitening Kit

Premium Home Whitening Kit

Free Gel For Life


Premium Home Whitening Kit

Divine White's Premium Home Whitening Kit whitens your teeth up to 10 shades or more with our extra strength teeth whitening gel. Your kit comes with custom-forming mouth trays, enough of our high-powered, dental-grade gel for up to 15 applications, a hands-free blue LED light, remineralizing gel to seal and strengthen enamel, a mouth tray storage case, and a zippered travel bag to keep it all together. Plus, you'll be able to maintain your beautiful, white smile month after month with our special FREE GEL for LIFE* offer that's included with your purchase. Wow! Our gel is Made in the USA with natural plant and mineral-based ingredients.

* Terms and Conditions for Free Gel for Life:

Not valid with any other coupons or offers. Make this the last home whitening kit you ever buy! With your purchase you will receive a coupon code that can be used once a month in our online store to obtain one 10mL refill of our 36% carbamide peroxide whitening gel for free. You just pay our standard flat rate shipping and handling charge, which is currently $6.95 ($11.95 to Canadian addresses). The coupon has no expiration date.


  • Zippered Storage Case
  • Set of Thermoforming Mouth Trays
  • Mouth Tray Case
  • LED Light
  • Remineralizing Gel
  • Instructions
  • 10mL 36% Carbamide Peroxide Gel
  • Shade Guide
  • Includes FREE GEL for LIFE*