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Why Whiten Your Teeth?

The facts are in! Studies have shown that people with nice, white teeth are instantly perceived as more successful and more attractive. Don't let stained or yellowed teeth hold you back in your career or personal life, especially when you can do something about it right now - and without upsetting your budget.
Don't you deserve to have every advantage available to you? Of course you do. With Divine White, there's no reason to put off getting your teeth whitened any longer. You CAN have a whiter, more perfect smile! You're welcome!

Professional Results At Home!

Over time, things like coffee, tea, soda, tomato sauce, chocolate, wine, and tobacco enter into the microscopic openings in our teeth, causing yellowing and staining. These stains have to be removed if you want to get your teeth white again.
The fastest way to remove stains is by bleaching them. Divine White teeth whitening kits and pens contain carbamide peroxide, a very effective teeth bleaching gel that is gentle enough for home use. Our products get into those microscopic openings in your teeth and actually lift the stains right out.

How Premier White Works

Divine White products are so easy to use! For best results with the kits and pens, you must use them once or twice a day without skipping until the desired level of whitening is achieved.
The teeth whitening kits come with mouth trays that form to your teeth. All you do is apply a thin layer of gel to the trays and then wear them for up to an hour with each application. With the whitening pens, you simply paint the gel on your teeth with the built-in applicator brush, smile for 60 seconds and off you go!